Our most mysterious showcase; our bathrooms!

Our bathrooms are undoubtedly among the parts of our home that we aspire to the most. The importance that our social structure attaches to cleanliness and hygiene makes itself felt in our bathrooms. Lavella Bathroom has emerged as the projection of this sensitivity.


Lavella started its production life in 2011 with the investment of Burmas.

BURMAS in Bursa, with the name of “BURMAS” was registered in 2011 and the journey we started on a small scale has transformed into a large Burmas Family with the participation of new brands, with 10.000 square meter warehouse and new stores and most important of new team members. The rightful position we have gained with the participation of all our employees after long and hard work; we have always been our pride to be involved in projects of our valuable customers both locally and globally by combining with today’s information, technology and human resources. Likewise, we are working to make the best of our business with the “affection” that we have been working with for years, knowing that the brands are not merely sales channel, but “showcases” where they directly contact to the end user.


In today’s global market conditions, when unfair competition reaches its peak and our competitors only seek financial gain; As the Burmas Family, our most important treasure with the quality of the service we provide to our customers is the combination of our ethical work and discipline with our real gains. In the words of our competitors; Our customers, in our words, our friends saw our stores not as a shopping center focused on purchases, but as peaceful friendly stores, and we will continue to work constantly to maintain this honor.

“Our best product; our passion ``

Our passion for modern bathrooms is the biggest factor in our success. Everyone will be so widely available and can sürüdürel addressing the purchasing power of our products are received well in the world and in Turkey.

``Perfect harmony of labor and innovation``

We apply our deep-rooted working tradition in all our businesses and brands with great precision, and we are motivated by the intense interest shown in our products.

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