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We have exported our products to 15 countries:

Germany, France, Malta, Italy, Lithuania, Ukraine, Romania, Egypt, Morocco, Pakistan, Gambia, Tunisia, Ghana, Nigeria, Afghanistan

Faucet & Mixers

5 Years Warranty

White, Gold & Black 2 years warranty

You can find various Models and Designs of:

  • Bathroom Faucet & Mixers
  • Wash Basin Faucet & Mixers
  • Bathroom & Shower Faucet & Mixers
  • Kitchen Faucet & Mixers


We Have Been Serving in Sanitary Wares Field in Turkey for 13 Years.

Providing 600 Construction Markets with Our Products

Shower Sets

2 Years Warranty

You can find various Models and Designs of:

  • Hand Shower Sets
  • Wall Hung (Robot) Shower Sets
  • Sliding Shower Sets
  • Concealed Shower Sets
  • Panel (Vertical) Shoewr Sets.

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